Other Products

Additional products such as Walls, Columns, Spandrels, and Stairs are also available. These usually carry more project specific requirements and are therefore not presented as “standard” products. These products are commonly used as part of our “Total Precast Solutions” as well as custom applications. GPRM Prestress does employ some typical forms which should be utilized if possible for project economy.

Some best practice items are:
Consult GPRM Prestress. Availability of form sections and current details can produce real project economies.
Consider Prestressing. Prestressed walls and columns not only produce much more robust units for handling, they can also provide for more economical use of materials and achieve design solutions that may not available with mild steel reinforcing.

Standard products often have dimensional and detailing constraints due to casting methods and steel forms. The following pictures show some typical plant used to produce some of the products discussed.