Dynacore TM

The Dynacore (hollowcore) product line is manufactured in a standard 4ft width. Standard depths are 6”, 8” and 10”, which provide economical spans to 50ft. Dynacore is a machine manufactured product using an extruded process with zero slump, high strength concrete. Once release strengths are achieved, units are cut from the continuous extrusion to project required lengths. Mild steel reinforcing, plates and inserts are not utilized with this product.

The extrusion process produces a machine finished top surface that does not receive additional roughening. Per ACI 318, the design of hollowcore slabs for composite action is usually limited to a horizontal shear strength of 80 psi. Full scale testing has confirmed this surface meets these requirements.

Small penetrations can be easily accommodated with site drilling once product is set. Large penetrations need to be well coordinated and detailed accordingly.