The product and design information contained herein are provided for general design assistance and preliminary product sizing. Complete calculations and details, including custom solutions shall be provided to meet project specific requirements.

Standard sections usually yield the most economical solution. Hybrid or custom sections may be viable and should be discussed with GPRM.

Reference the PCI Bridge Design Manual (MNL-133) for valuable design, detailing, and production information on these types of products.


Kaumalapau Breakwater
Lanai, HI
Core Locks

Ala Wai Pier
Honolulu, HI


The design of precast/prestressed bridge products are usually undertaken by the Engineer of Record in Hawaii. Upon request, GPRM Prestress can provide designs as part of the shop drawing phase. This is more typically done for private sector projects.

Load/Span tables are typically not provided for specific products due to the many variables involved,


Materials can be tailored to project needs, recognizing local constraints.

Strand. The use of ½” 270k low relaxation strand is typical. The use of 0.6” strand can be considered if it will solve a particular design issue.

Concrete. Strengths of 6000 to 8000 psi can be routinely used to achieve the required design solution. Higher strengths can be considered but should be coordinated but should be coordinated with the precast and readymix providers.


Product Product Description

Keehi Girders

The KEEHI IV, IVmod, and VI girders are the standard for longer spans. Wide flange KEEHI sections can also be considered.

Aashto Girders

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AASHTO II & III girders are readily produced standard sections. The type IV is available but is rarely used with the KEEHI section being the popular option.

Bridge Plank

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Bridge Planks are available in a number of depths and are usually detailed in 48” modules. Bridge plank structures are popular in low lying areas of Hawaii due to a combination of road elevation and flood clearance constraints. Voided slabs should be considered for deeper plank sections. The shear key is standardized for all depth sections based on AASHTO/PCI details and should be adopted if possible.

Other Bridge Products

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The use of alternate products should be considered for short span and/or non highway bridges. Double Tee and/or Channel sections can provide very economical solutions. The IT section provides a good alternate for short to medium spans where delivery, site access, or unit weights may be a concern.

Steel forms are generally used for bridge related products. Dimensional constraints apply, although some adjustment to certain products may be available and should be discussed with GPRM Prestress.