1. The product and design information contained herein is provided for general design assistance and preliminary product sizing. Complete calculations and details, including custom solutions, shall be provided to meet project specific requirements.
  2. Using the available sections will generally yield the most economical design solution. 


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  1. The design of Prestressed Pile is usually undertaken by the Geotechnical and Structural engineers for the project. GPRM Prestress can design the pile sections with the appropriate information provided by the Engineer of Record.
  2. Under the IBC, the Seismic Design Category can have a significant effect on spiral spacing & size, and thus cost. Additional soils investigations may be warranted to ensure the correct SDC.
  3. Spiral and tie congestion can lead to fabrication difficulties and additional cost. Spiral size, spacing, and yield strength, as well as actual required concrete strength should be considered during design.
  4. General Material Properties:
    • Strand. ½", 270k low relaxation.
    • Spiral. 65 to 85 ksi min yield.
    • Concrete. 6000 psi @ 28 days. 3500 psi @ release.

Typical bearing piles have relatively low Prestress requirements and a release strength of 3500 psi is usually sufficient. Soil conditions and not the structural capacity of the pile usually govern for building foundations in Hawaii. In such cases the use of a 5000 psi design strength should be considered.


Product Product Description

Octagon Pile

Downloadable Files:

Octagonal piles are produced in 16.5”, 20” and 24” sections. The P-16.5 is the predominant pile for most building applications. The P-20 and P-24 pile are more often used in marine and heavy civil applications.

Square Pile

Downloadable Files:

Square piles are produced in 12”, 20” and 24” sections. The P-12S pile has a circular strand pattern and spiral. The P-20S & P-24S pile have square strand patterns. A square spiral should be used in lieu of individual ties for this product.

Fender Pile

Downloadable Files:

The P-24F and P-20F sections are most commonly used for Fender Pile applications. Recommended strand locations are provided.